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Many buyers of apartments in new buildings were inspired by the free layout, as an indisputable advantage over apartments with decoration and a finished layout. However, the term “free planning” has no other meaning than marketing.

This can be easily seen by looking at the project documentation, in particular on the project floor plan and project planning of apartments. All interior partitions, a kitchen, bathrooms and utility rooms will be displayed on them. Those. According to the project, any apartment will have a clearly defined internal configuration, area and number of rooms.

When transferring an apartment with a free layout from the builder, the walls provided for by the project will be laid out in bricks or blocks in one row, the so-called trace. If you build walls in accordance with such markings, then nothing needs to be agreed. The apartment will be in accordance with the project. But, if as a result of a creative impulse, the walls disappear altogether or appear elsewhere, then this will already be a redevelopment, for the production of which it may be necessary to order a new project.

This fact escapes the attention of homeowners in a new building. They happily live in an apartment renovated with love and taste, until they start selling it, or taking a loan on her bail, or suddenly an employee of BTI or the management company “comes in”. Here it turns out that there is a redevelopment, and it is not properly designed.

But the consequences of such a discovery may be the most serious. The legislation provides for penalties of varying degrees of severity: from a fine and a requirement to restore everything in its original, design, form, to deprivation of ownership, if redevelopment poses a threat of collapse of a residential building and such precedents already exist.

The biggest positive effect for the buyer of an apartment with a free layout is that you do not need to break the old walls and take out the trash from them. In all other respects, the actions are exactly the same as if the apartment was bought on the secondary market.

The developer in this case saves on material and work on the construction of internal partitions, because no one subtracts such costs from the cost of a square meter.